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Wellnex is all over Asia

Launched in 2020 in Singapore, Wellnex is now in Malaysia. In Singapore Wellnex has demonstrated its capacity to offer a unique and differentiating value proposition to its clients (Financial Advisors, Property Agents, SME and Retailers).

Wellnex Singapore is 55,000 members and more than 1,200 Clients!


ABOUT US: Our Agents
Confident Businessman

CG Khaw

Malaysia Managing Director

CG has more than 18 years of experience in Sales.

Entrepreneur, he developed a set of expertise in two very different industries, first Oil & Gaz, then Gaming.

A firm believer in digital transformation and the use of data to enhance and optimise businesses, he joins Wellnex in 2022 to set up the company and get it up to speed.  

CG holds a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire and is a Certified Financial Advisor.

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Dr. Matthias de Ferrieres

Founder - Group CEO

Matthias has more than 19 years experience in the insurance industry in Asia. He joined AXA in 2001 and left the insurance giant as their Regional CMO. With a strong focus on innovation and digital, he created the first web app concept and "skin" focusing on insurance acquisition within AXA.
Since 2014, Matthias has created a series of profitable start-ups, each of them offering a strong value proposition to the insurance industry.
Strong believer in insurance intermediaries, he founded my-insurer in September 2017 to respond to the appetite of the financial advisors and insurance intermediaries to better serve their customers through to digital transformation. 
Matthias holds a PhD in International Entrepreneurship, a MBA from Chicago Booth - University of Chicago, a Master in International Law from the University of Sydney, and a Bachelor of Business degree from a French Business School.


Shelby Pham

Group Head of Data & IT Operations

Shelby joined the team in January 2017 with a strong background of IT and Quality Assurance. She has been instrumental in making the app and software viable, robust, secured and scalable.
With more than 9 years experience in IT and insurance, she joined the project since the beginning and is in charge of developing new and maintaining current functionalities and modules, as well as monitoring the data flow and successful release of the app and software.

Image by Afif Kusuma

Fiza Tuahhaini

Head of Operations & Customer Services

Fiza has been in the insurance industry for more than 7 years. Her professional experience includes working with prominent insurers and notable brokers. She left AXA Partners as an Operations Team Lead where she managed the team's performance and assisted in new member onboarding in Singapore and Malaysia. She later went on to Abacare where she honed her broking skills, focusing on employee benefits for SMEs and International Medical Insurance. Her expertise lies in customer experience, account management and operations. 
Fiza joined the team in June 2021 where she will be leading the overall operations of My-Insurer and assisting in the development of the business community of Wellnex. She is also a Certified General Insurance / Health (SCI).

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